In golf fashion it’s gone from kilts to pants, from pants to knickers, from knickers to obnoxious pants and finally to what we have today – the most diverse fashion styles the sport has ever seen.

Of course there’s the standards and classics that guys like Jim Furyk wear – hat, simple polo, slacks and shoes. But now we have many options in everything from hat style to color and pattern choices, giant belt buckles and spikeless shoes.

The reason this is notable is because inside of a lot of this fashion, apparel manufacturers have worked in technology and customization. Sure Rickie wears a ton of Oklahoma State orange on Sundays, Tiger wears red, Freddy has his slip-on boat shoes and Ryan Moore rocks that painters hat really well. What you don’t see is that the cut of those polos are slim fit so they lie against the body better and they are made of a material that helps sweat evaporate quicker. The hat is custom fit down to the bill size so it doesn’t block the view. The shoes have custom insoles molded to the golfer’s foot to eliminate instability.

The overarching point is that we’ve got the best of both worlds now – the great look with amazing technology. Keep looking for apparel manufacturers to push the envelope when it comes to innovation and style.

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