Maybe one of the most under appreciated aspects of the golf industry is fashion, luckily, we’re here to show you all of the new gear! It’s important to have proper fitting clothes, sure, but you want to look good don’t you? The days of muted colors and old-fashioned apparel is over. We’re talking bright colors, patterns, modern fit, technologically advanced and cool. Everything from your hat style to your shoes need to be customized and high-performing. They’re literally using custom spike pattern in shoes against your own footprint!

The fact is fashion is a part of our daily life and it’s a massive part of golf. Trends and styles can change on a dime and usually as one company goes, so do the rest.

You don’t want to be stuck wearing clothes you hate on the course and letting it affect your personal image. It becomes a part of who you are and a part of your game in that regard. So many of the big manufacturers realized that since this game is so much “the space between your ears” that image is a huge part of your game as well.

Not to worry, we’ll be featuring all aspects of golf fashion in the coming months. The big companies as well as some of the smaller ones out there doing great work and creating great, modern designs.

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