If you play the game you know how equipment-driven the game of golf is at its core. New equipment and technology used to come along every so often, then it was escalated to annually and now it’s even speedier. Companies come out with two or three drivers per year, new golf ball designs and packaging is on the shelves constantly, putter trends and styles waver to no end and the accessories that make up a completed golf bag are a monster all on its own. Equipment and customization is what keeps the industry afloat.

At GolfPunk, we’re here to test through and weed out the technology that just exists to sell product. We want to actually help you make your game better – more skill, more fun, more golfers!

Some of the most changed out equipment in a golfer’s bags are the driver and putter. Those are the sexy clubs that sell! Wedges and irons are sort of the ratty old t-shirt of golf equipment – comfortable and too much of a pain to update. We love ourselves a new, shiny club, but there’s also something to be said about, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” If you putt well with your ancient, scratched, smooth-faced putter then keep doing so until your game suffers – or until you miss a 3-footer with $100 riding on it and you heave it into a water hazard! Regardless of how often you update, we’ll keep you on the cutting edge of new equipment and technological advances in the industry. We’re very interested in how technology affects equipment and how it can help your game. Things like rangefinders, swing monitors and adjustable club-heads can make the game easier and more fun!

Check back with us often as we bring you the biggest and best equipment companies’ latest offerings.

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