Golf is a funny game. It’s one of the only sports where the participants blame their equipment as much or more than themselves. With all of the customization options on drivers that have been rolling out over the last few years, you might wonder what’s most important to have properly configured. There are three main parts of the drivers that can be adjusted:


1. Loft of the face

2. Face angle

3. Weight displacement


The effects of adjusting each of these should be pretty obvious but I believe one is much more important than the others and that’s adjust the weight of the club. During your swing, muscle memory should take over and your swing should happen naturally. If you have the weight of the club adjusted properly to your swing, then there’s really nothing else you need to do. Personally, I have a very neutral swing and typically close the face enough at impact, so for me, loft is my most important adjustment factor. Recently I’ve been hitting a 14-degree TaylorMade SLDR which has really helped me launch the ball into the air – and the longer the ball stays in the air, the farther it will go.

However, everybody is different and every swing is different. If you can relocate the weight to a draw-bias if you’re a slicer or fade-bias if you’re a hooker (not that kind), then you’ll have more confidence in your swing and can take it more naturally.

Don’t forget to try different settings – that’s why each of these drivers comes with a wrench! Mess with the combinations of settings and watch your ball flight. This will help you get a better idea about your swing and what needs to be fixed. Try not to overcorrect or mess with your natural swing, you want the club and your swing to naturally meld together.

Happy driving!

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