What do golf and sex have in common? They’re two things you can enjoy even if you’re bad at both of them.


Sure, we know golf and comedy are as natural a pairing as Jack and Coke or Red Bull and Jäger. In fact, a moment of levity can often mean the difference between calmly accepting that triple bogey you took on seven the other day OR wrapping your driver – the cause of the aforementioned triple – around a nearby tree. You know who you are…

Actor and comedian Jackie Flynn, a featured performer at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal and winner of the San Francisco Comedy Competition, has been playing golf ever since he was twelve and nowadays regularly plays more than 100 rounds a year.

“My first memory is of my dad getting me a set of women’s clubs because they were lighter and easier for me to swing,” recalls Flynn, a proud Boston native who in addition to many TV and commercial appearances has had roles in films like There’s Something About Mary; Me, Myself And Irene; Shallow Hal; and Stuck On You. “They never had all these junior golf clubs like they do now when I was a kid. I remember the woods were powder blue!”

I caught up with Flynn as he was ending a weekend headlining stint in Las Vegas at the Sin City Comedy Club in the Planet Hollywood Casino to chat about his game, his work, and his dream foursome… or sevensome in his case…kinky Jackie, very kinky.

What’s your home course?

JF: TPC Valencia outside Los Angeles


What’s your handicap?

JF: My body! No seriously though, currently I am a 4.1 index. The best I’ve ever gotten down to was a 2.2. I think I can get to scratch but if I’m going to, it will have to be in the next few years. I’m not getting any younger! I’d just like to see that on my GHIN card once, even if it was just for one posting period.


Do you play many Pro-ams and corporate events each year?

JF: I play in a few Pro-ams a year; most notably I played in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-am for four years straight from 2010-2013. I also play every year in the Hootie and the Blowfish Monday After the Masters Pro-am. I do a slew of charity golf tourney’s and or corporate golf outings each year; I’d say at least ten of them. Some they hire me to also perform my stand-up comedy show.


Off the course, what have you been up to?

JF: Right now, I’ve just been auditioning for acting gigs, and doing a lot of stand-up comedy shows. I’m looking forward to doing some stuff with the Back9Network now that they are finally getting on air.


A startup golf lifestyle network, Back9 recently announced that it’s programming will appear on the DirecTV satellite network starting this fall. Talk about how you got involved with the Back9?

JF: Believe it or not, I was playing at Tehama Golf Club in Clint Eastwood’s Member Guest tournament as his guest (I know he must be running low on golf buddies right?) and I happened to mention to him that I recently shot a pilot for a golf comedy idea and he said, ‘Oh you have to talk to my pal James Bosworth, his son is involved with a new golf network called the Back9Network.’ So he set up a meeting and I met his son Jamie who is the CEO, and he ended up hiring me to shoot this pilot presentation for a potential show on the network if it ever was to get on air.


What’s the lowest round you’ve ever had and where?

JF: My lowest two rounds of my life came three weeks apart at the TPC at Valencia. I was standing on the 16th tee and I was four deep and proceeded to go double, par and bogey to shoot a 71. Three weeks later, I’m on the same tee three under and go par, par and bogey for a 70! I’ve never broken 70 but I think it’s in me, if I can just stay out of my way!


Who is your favorite golfer?

JF: My favorite golfer is Tiger. Knowing how hard it is to play this game and for him to dominate as he has, it’s just awe inspiring.


Who would be the other three players in your dream foursome?

JF: This is a hard one but definitely my dad if he were still alive. Tiger and probably (David) Feherty, he makes me laugh! Hard not to have Jack, Arnie and Phil in there too – can it be a sevensome?

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