Granted this isn’t new news, but it doesn’t mean we can’t point out how awesome it is!

If you haven’t seen this Phil Mickelson video, watch it here before you read the rest of this:

So, the moral of the story is – Phil’s short game and skills with any degree wedge is flat out astonishing! That video is from his DVD instruction series, meaning it wasn’t live or during a tournament, but he has done it during a competition and even that video didn’t seem like it took many takes!

Phil has been known to regularly carry around a 64-degree wedge which he can basically use to take a full swing and advance the ball about 30 to 40 yards in a giant arc. The type of shot you’d need to pick a ball off the green at Riviera’s famous 6th hole.

We did a feature on Phil in our “Sampler Issue” that catalogued the ups and downs of Phil’s career, but those down moments don’t usually include his short game or putting. He can truly melt down off the tee or decide on 8-iron when he has 194 to the hole, it’s uphill and there’s wind in his face – an obvious blunder at Bay Hill a few years back. But his putter and wedge don’t typically let him down.

This shot is basically proof that these guys are good and this guy is amazing!

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