This list was hilarious to think about and write! These are my 5 favorite types of guys you see on the range regardless of where you are in the country. These guys are always there! So let’s get started with…


1. The teaching people he doesn’t even know guy: This guy is definitely one of my favorites. It’s usually a “blind leading the blind” situation with these guys since they’re actually the ones that need the lesson. Keep your down dude and work on your own game, don’t try messing with mine.

2. The boyfriend who dragged his girlfriend to the range guy: You poor, poor women. On behalf of all men, I apologize for dragging you to the range with us and forcing you to swing a club. You told us you didn’t want to go, you reluctantly went anyway and then we wonder why you didn’t have a good time. Guys, if your girl doesn’t want to go, just let her be … and pick her up flowers on the way home since she let you go to the range!

3. The weird warmup ritual guy: Helicoptering a club above his head, whipping a club back and forth violently, swinging with a reverse grip or using some new fangled contraption are all ways this guy makes himself look like a jackass. How about just taking a few swings without hitting a ball to loosen up? No? Alright then, go back to your shake weight.

4. The club-slamming guy: Look, anger doesn’t belong on the course and it sure as hell doesn’t belong on the range. We get it, golf is a difficult and at times frustrating game, but it’s not the club’s fault you’re terrible, so cool it with the expletives and club slamming. Plus, how you act on the range and on the course says a lot about your character.

5. The cell phone guy: Nobody came to the range to hear you screaming at some subordinate on your cell phone – which is probably a Blackberry, so dated! If you must pick up a call at the range, do us the courtesy of walking somewhere else so you’re not bothering everybody. Same goes for you cigar guy!


Those are my 5 favorite driving range guys. Feel free to chime in and add your favorites to the comment section below!

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  1. Gary Swaggerty

    My favorite is the Happy Gilmore running swing guy. Every time I’m at the range I see at least 2 or 3 of them.

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