I’ll spare you the suspense of the answer – like everything else in this crazy game, it’s all about feel. If you like looking down at a giant spaceship of a clubhead, then a mallet is right for you. If you’re still carrying around your Ping B60 or an old flange putter, then you’re most likely a blade putter guy. Having said that, it may be time to update your putter regardless.

Putters aren’t typically the first clubs in the bag that get upgraded. That’s reserved for Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Wedges then Irons. Putters tend to come last or second to last – unless your Vijay Singh. People experiment with all sorts of clubheads, putter lengths and finally grip(s). If you line use a typical grip, stance and length let’s talk about simply the clubhead.

Obviously up for debate:

  • Mallet putters are typically better for those who want the “straight back, straight forward” putting stroke. They have more in their technology to help you keep the club face straight throughout the stroke and impact. Weight distribution and alignment guides are very apparent in mallet putters as well.
  • Blade putter is better for those with an arcing backswing in their putting stroke. Blade putters more often than not have a cleaner look and have that pure feel off of a dead-center strike.

Needless to say, the best way to find the right putter for you is to hit up your local pro shop or retail store and get to putting! However, don’t go off of your results with the putter – I swear those guys in the retail shops slant the practice greens toward the cups!! Notice the feel and how the putter feels in your hands – if it feels comfortable, you’ll putt well with it.

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