I’ve given you my favorite full swing tip – hand position at impact – so now I thought I’d give you my favorite putting tip. This one is a little bit more vague advice rather than drill but there are certainly ways to practice it. The advice is:

Read your putt, pick a line and commit to it

This might sound obvious but you’d be surprised how many times you read a green well, pick out a line and don’t actually “putt your read.” We tend to overcorrect or adjust our line depending on what the putt looks like when we’re over it. If you walked it off from both sides, decided on aiming a foot off to the right with enough speed to let it lag in the side, then make that putt! Don’t then stand over the ball and pick a whole new line because you’re second-guessing yourself.

Try this on the putting green. Pick a putt (15+ feet), line it up and putt your read. See how close you get with three putts. Then, pick a similar putt in break and distance, get your read and putt to what looks good over the ball – basically going against your read. I obviously don’t know your putting skill, but I’m willing to bet you come close going off your initial read.

The final part is actually committing to the putt. If you have a line and a good guess as to how your putt will roll, don’t Sally the ball up there so you’re disappointed with a 3-foot leave. Hit that putt! Pure it off the face!

Wait until the ball is at least 5 feet away from you to look up and see if it’s rolling on the line you read. The tendency is to cheat and look up early to check on it – don’t do this, you’re better than that. Good luck out there and let us know how it goes @golfpunkusa on facebook, instagram and twitter with #golfpunkputt – that’s putt you naughty person!

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