Nobody has ever said, “I can’t wait to go practice my putting!” So, introducing the game, Drawbacks!

Is this because practicing putting, compared to hitting balls on the range, is boring? Is it because it’s the slowest part of the game therefore more tedious to practice? I think it’s because there just aren’t enough fun ways to practice. There’s the obvious one, gambling, but even if your buddies aren’t around there is still a really fun way to practice putting, Drawbacks!

The point of the game is to pick makable putts, give it your best roll, and then back up your shot one putter-length away from the cup and putt again. The point of this is to avoid tap-ins which everybody can make. Not only is it more fun and challenging, it can really hone your skills on 3- to 7-foot putts.

Drawbacks can be played alone, with friends and is an awesome way to warm up on the practice greens before a round. You can even try Double Drawbacks which is obviously backing up your shot two putter lengths.

Give it a try and let us know how you like it! #drawbacks

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