With new innovations in golf beginning to pop up, one of our friends here at GolfPunk, Mike Dojc, decided to contemplate what it would be like to mash up some more sports. This is where he landed …

Golf’s large umbrella already shades a variety of established offshoots from disc golf to long drive to soccer hybrid FootGolf. And if the Ripped Links concept, where golfers hit off elevated platforms and then zip-line over spectators down to the green, successfully plants a flag among its action sport brethren, there will be a push to further expand the game’s horizons well beyond the 18th hole. Borrowing elements of sports that cater to a trio of different constituencies, we envision a trio of edgy, new fangled alternative versions of the game.

Longest Yard (Golf + Football)

As the starter drops his hand golfers tee off simultaneously, grab their bags and sprint to their ball as fast as they can. En-route to your lie it is fair game to tackle your opponent! The first ball that sinks in the hole gets six points. Chip a shot through greenside uprights for the extra point.

Spare Birdie (Golf + Bowling)

This bares the closest resemblance to traditional golf only instead of a flagstick on each green there is an inflatable bowling pin the size of an inflatable tackle buddy. Golfers are required to knock down the pin with their ball to finish the hole dramatically increasing the number of chip-ins known as “pin strikes” in Spare Birdie.

Boogity, Boogity, Bogey (Golf + NASCAR)

The green flag waves and golfers riding in carts floor it in toward first the tee box. Golfers are timed but the clock stops every-time they arrive at their balls so they are not penalized for taking as many practice swings as they see fit. The game is always played in a skins format and whoever reaches the green in the fastest amount of time wins each hole.

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