A lot of people want to shape their shot, play a fade or draw and bend the ball around dog-legs like the pros. The problem is, you kind of have to learn to hit the ball straight before you can play a draw or fade. Pipe it down the middle consistently first, then you can play that baby fade or power draw you’ve always wanted.

Why? It’s Simple. To hit a controlled ball that moves left or right, you need to use your “down the middle” shot as a guide for how much your shaped shot will move. If you always hit a bit of a fade, it’s harder to tell how much you need to put on a ball to really make it turn around a tree line.

Give it a try on the range. Grab a spot in the absolute middle of the range and hit 10 shots as straight as you can. Then, tell yourself you’re going to hit a little fade, then a bigger one then really lean into one and try to take out the net on the side of the range! Next, do the same with a draw – soft draw, big turn then duck hook! You can kind of use the middle of the range as a guide and see how far the ball is moving from dead center. Also, make sure you hit some straight shots before you leave the range to get your swing back.

These days, with adjustable drivers and customized clubs, it’s easy to rely on the technology to shape your shot for you, but the old school methods are still around for a reason – hit it straight, then you can bend it however you’d like.

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