We all want to get better, right?

There’s really only one way to do that and that’s practice! It’s might be cliche, but cliches typically exist for a reason – because they’re true. Not many people can just walk to the range, grab a club and start piping it down the middle on a consistent basis. Scratch that, nobody can do that.

Another key to getting better is practicing the correct way. You’ve probably heard that the definition of insane is, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Well, that’s what buying a bucket of 100 balls every day and hitting them in 20 minutes is. Our golf tips will give you actual training that you can review, research and take to the course with you. It’s not, “imagine you’re holding a garden hose” or, “visualize the ball’s flight path,” this is stuff that when followed, can actually teach you to be a better player.

Again, like we’ve said with finding the right equipment for you and your swing – better score = more rounds. It’s a lot easier to go back to the course feeling confident and these monthly tips will help you get there.

See you on the range! (and practice putting green, don’t neglect putting!)

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