There’s no doubt about it, the game of golf is tough! Most people spend their entire “golf budget” on expensive golf balls, the latest driver and always keeping the newest clubs in their bag. So, that’s fine for them, but the people that actually get better are the ones that take lessons and/or advice from friends, coworkers, significant others, etc. So, that begs the question, if you’re on the other side of that coin and have somebody asking for your golf knowledge (which you probably are since this is a golf website) do you teach, or not?

Typically people get frustrated with the game so quickly and blame the nearest person that’s not themselves – ahem … you! It’s not your fault, it’s just their way of making sense of this whole thing. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have a student that is either very good from the start so they never get that mad or they’re somebody that can handle not being great at something after two seconds of practice. So, let’s go over a few scenarios – even if every person and situation might be a little different:

If it’s a significant other, the problem is obvious – golf will be just another thing you guys will fight about. Believe me, I took a sailing class with an ex and I nearly lost my mind on the open ocean! It’s a difficult thing to balance and it can certainly ruin a relationship.

If it’s a relative, same concerns apply, but this time there is no “breaking up,” they’re family and you’re stuck with them hating you at the next Sunday BBQ. The plus side is that with a family member, you have a little more flexibility in telling them they’re doing something wrong.

If it’s a friend, you run the same risks again but a friendship fight is sometimes worse than a relationship fight because you still want the person around, just to be better at golf so you guys can play together.

If it’s somebody who never listens, you’re going to tell them exactly what they did wrong and how to fix it. They will proceed to not do that thing and continue to do poorly. They will then get pissed at you, the club, the grass, the person next them – anybody and anything that’s not themselves.

If you are in a position to teach, I say go ahead! Even if it goes badly, at least that person might come back again if only to prove that you weren’t a perfect teacher. Look, it’s a tough game and we’re all just ok at it. Nobody is perfect, and nobody gets it right every time. Also, on behalf of all the people out there that don’t need to be coached but still are – usually by people that think they’re much better than they actually are – we’re all set! Thanks for the thought though

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