One of the biggest joys us golfers get out of the game is the ability to travel all around the world and play many different courses. Resort style, links style, par-3 executives and even some “Disneyland” courses that have all sorts of obstacles and gimmick holes to enjoy.

Having said that, one of the biggest challenges with golf travel (plane travel for this article’s purpose) is figuring out how to get all of your stuff to where you’re going. There’s essentially three options:


1. Rent everything there (most expensive)

2. Bring everything with you (least expensive)

3. Bring as much as you can with you and ship your bag/clubs (somewhere in between)


If you total up all of the things you need for a quality round of golf: bag, clubs, balls, tees, divot tool, ball marker, polo and shoes – it would get quite pricey to rent everything. Of course you might have already brought a polo and could use a quarter as a ball marker, but the big things are what get you!

Bringing everything with you is probably the best option as far as cost goes. There is still the cost of buying a hard case, which can get expensive, but I’ve heard of a way around that. I have a buddy that loads up his bag with everything he needs in the pockets and puts his rain hood over the top. Then he fills the top with socks, bubble wrap and other items to keep the clubs from banging around, then he duct tapes the seam where the rain hood meets the bag. Looks a little goofy but saves you precious money that can be spent on pina coladas!

You can also go the FedEx route where you bring your own clothes in your regular suitcase and ship your bag and all of its contents to your destination. This also can get a bit pricey and can take about a week to deliver at the cheapest rate – about $110. However, it completely depends on weight and where exactly you’re headed. For a single destination it’s fairly straightforward but if you’re going to multiple spots, it can get a bit complicated.

Let us know your favorite methods of getting around with your gear in the comments below. See you on the course!

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