Around here we like to hashtag things with #thatsgolfpunk on social media – @golfpunkusa on facebook, instagram and twitter. Not everything is or can be, but when something is, we definitely like to call it out. So, Ripped Links, you are absolutely GolfPunk!

It’s a stadium-style, par-3 course complete with neon lights, blaring music from top-tier DJs and ziplines that take you from tee to green! Sound crazy? We don’t think so. What are some of the biggest complaints in golf today? Rounds take too long, it’s too stuffy and not a whole lot of fun. This addresses those issues and makes for an awesome golf experience. You can always go play a traditional 4-5 hour round of golf, but this is like the X-Games of golf!

Ripped Links will debut this September 6 in downtown Vancouver at an urban green space called David Lam Park. True, it might be slightly gimmicky, but there’s no doubt that the best golf swings will still rise to the top. This isn’t some fluky course set-up where anybody can just skull one up there. As co-creator Colin Weston described it to Golf Canada, “The quality of golf is paramount. We are not doing mini-golf on steroids.”

Check out Mike Dojc’s full story here.

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