So, what does a young, single guy do for fun these days? Why drink some beer of course.

Well, if you are Ewan Porter – a two-time winner on the former Nationwide Tour, winner on the Australasian PGA Tour and three-time major championship participant – you not only enjoy the quest for a great beer, you also learn how to brew it yourself.

The Aussie, who spent the past year and a half sampling the beers, cultures and cuisines of places like Panama, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Morocco, London, Australia and here in the United States, is now spending his days learning the ins and outs of the microbrew business at Lone Peak Brewery in Big Sky, Montana.

PGA Tour veteran Ewan Porter

Stunning views!

“Having traveled the globe – 24 countries to be exact – learning all about beer and the booming craft beer scene, I thought it was about time I started to immerse myself in the subject and ‘get my hands dirty,’” Porters says.

After spending the first couple of weeks at Lone Peak learning the entire brewing process, Porter now helps out around the brewery wherever he’s needed from painting to learning the art of the perfect pour behind the bar.

“I’ve toured various breweries around the world, but this is the first time everything has been displayed to me in its purest and most technical form,” he says. “There is so much science involved.”

Crafting beer is a science

Crafting beer is science

Earlier this year, Porter filmed a web series for the Travel Channel called “Microbrew Madness” highlighting the explosion of the craft beer scene in the Northeastern US over the past decade. The episodes are slated to air in late September.

In addition, production for a new television show set to air on one of Australia’s major networks will begin in the next few months. “The Search For The Holy Ale” will see Porter scouring the globe in search of the best beers, while also highlighting the many benefits of sharing a drink with locals.

Porter will also be releasing his second published eBook next month titled “Get Hopped: A Global Search for the Holy Ale,” a collection of memoirs highlighting his experiences around the world over the past couple of years.

Craft brewing and golf

Now this is fun!

Porter says the ability to bring people together is what allows beer to pair so well with golf.

“Spend four hours with someone on a golf course and you can identify their personality and find out a lot about them,” he says. “The same rule applies for beer. Sit down for a few beers with a stranger and it can be a great ice-breaker.”

“Both the pub and the golf course lend themselves to people opening up more. I believe that the two are also great ways to bridge gaps in cultures.”

So, any plans for a return to the golf scene? Porter says never say never. His last competitive round, a missed cut at the BMW Charity Pro-Am back in May of 2013, was the culmination of an admittedly disappointing run of 14 cuts, 3 WD’s and a T66 over 18 events from May of 2011.

Since then, Porter has played just nine rounds. But, he says, they have probably been the best nine rounds he’s played in the past 3-4 years.

Porter shakes caddie's hand

Ewan Porter out on Tour

“There have been some fleeting moments where I’ve considered whether it’d be in my best interests to give golf another shot,” he says. “But for the near future, I don’t really harbor any great desire to get back out on tour and deal with the constant mental and emotional grind that goes with it.”

“As a naïve rookie setting sail on a career as a professional golfer, I never considered any back-up plans or what I may do if golf failed, but today, I believe that what I’m pursuing has given me every chance of achieving long-term happiness, something that was lacking in my golf days.”

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