If you haven’t heard of Top Golf, listen up!

If we could build the perfect driving range, it would be this! A full featured golf experience complete with upscale bars, cocktail waitresses, pool tables and a kick-ass video game of a driving range! Let’s put it this way, nearly every one of these ranges has a 3-4 hour wait every single day! Neon lights, a youthful atmosphere and a fun take on golf will assure that these guys spread across the country in a hurry!

Some are even better than others and offer varied services, but the overall theme is consistent – making this game fun! Many companies and driving range owners have been trying to do this for years, but they kept running into the stuffy and pretentious golf hierarchy that has lorded over the sport for so many years. Top Golf Austin is punching that establishment right in the face!

Do yourself a favor and check out a facility close to you. If there isn’t one yet, there will be! Stay on top of their grand openings and share with us when and where you’ll be going. We’d love to see some photos, videos, hastags – anything you’ve got from a day/night with Top Golf – @golfpunkusa

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