Playing new courses and moving around this beautiful planet of ours is a crucial element of a satisfying golf life. Therefore, it deserves a huge portion of our magazine! Sure it’s fun to me a country club member and play the same course time and time again. You can hone your skills and have great data for comparison since the variable that is the course isn’t changing. Having said that, doesn’t it sound boring to play the same course three times a week?

Traveling is the best way to keep the game fresh and acts an excuse to trot the globe. You get new courses, new experiences and even sometimes new playing partners. Where’s the good weather there’s typically good golf, and we’re going to scour the world for the best golf we can find. We’ll present it to you in several different ways and hopefully run some contests with big travel prizes to get you out there as well.

We like to break a course down and find it’s most difficult hole and walk you through it with point-of-view video – a feature we lovingly call “Hell Hole!” Also, a beautiful golf course is basically eye candy to us. That’s why every so often we’ll throw in some “Golf Porn,”  gorgeous, high-res photos of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

Curl up into a ball so we can shove you into our luggage and take you with us as we visit Spain, Ireland, England, New Zealand, Hawaii, Australia, Japan and many more courses right here in the States!


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